New Album Coming in 2020

Wyatt has recently shared via social media that the band is currently in production on their third full length album expected to release in early 2020. The album is currently being recorded at Eagle Wind Sound in Winter Park, CO and is being produced by Grammy Winning Musician & Producer P.J. Olsson (Alan Parsons Project).

“It was a strange concept at first, and I started writing it back in the spring without really any idea of where it would be going or what it would end up being when it was all done,” Lowe says of the album.

“I think at first we all had different ideas for what it could be, and now that we’re weeks in the production and are making our way to the finish line, we have a clear vision of what this album is, what it’s going to be, and how good it’s going to sound once it’s done. I worked with PJ multiple times behind the board and he and I have both been trying to set a time where we could start recording myself and this summer just worked out.” Prior to moving to Utah from Colorado, Lowe worked with PJ at Eagle Wind Sound as an assistant engineer and marketing coordinator. “Obviously, he [PJ] is on tour with Alan Parsons and we were on tour most of the summer as well, so we had to find time to really start production but once we did, we both knew we had something really special in the works.

When asked about the release date and the name, Wyatt says “We’re taking our time with it, letting things kind of evolve as they get recorded, and are keeping it pretty secret and ominous right now when it comes to the name, what it’s gonna sound like, and when it’s going to be released. I’m really excited for everyone to hear it because I think it’s going to really signify the next step in our career.”

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Ken MacDonald (Westword, Denver)